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I share with you the experiences of those who trusted me to guide them through their sleep coaching process.


Mina, 5 months

Working with Paulina to sleep train our 5 month old has changed our life. After the trauma of our first child who never established a sleep routine, I was doubtful anything would work. 

Our pediatrician simply felt some kids are good and others are not at sleeping. I was also anxious about hearing her cry and worried that she wouldn't  get enough to eat at night if I stopped nursing her. But with an active toddler during the day and waking up at 4+ at night, we knew we needed help RIGHT away. After TWO DAYS, our baby was falling asleep on her own for naps and naps were 1-1.5 hr long. Within 1-2 weeks she was sleeping overnight. She quickly fell into a predictable sleep cycle and put herself to sleep with little to not crying. 


Paulina was with me every step of the way and was there to make minor adjustments based on how previous night went. She promptly answered ALL the questions I had, day or night, and made me feel confident in the process. Finding someone to trust with sleep training is hard especially when you don’t want to have to repeat the process again. I can confidently say that Paulina truly cares about each and every baby and brings her HOY to help families get back on track. Why are you still reading this review?? HIRE HER!

Sarah & Kyle. 


Ethan, 3 years old

We hired Paulina to help sleep train when our baby was 2 years and 8 months because we were at the end of our rope. The whole experience with Paulina, from the initial video call to night SOS texts and learning about what to expect post training and beyond, was 10 out of 10!

Paulina custom designed our plan and coached us every step of the way, which took the pressure off the shoulders to “get it right”. Sleep training our son with Paulina was life changing. The kiddo gets better quality and right amount of sleep for his age, so we get a happier kid! Mom and Dad get the evening back and every relationship in the household has improved tremendously.
The way Paulina helped us in sleep training our son is so invaluable. She helped us to think of  sleep differently. She provided with the tools to allow us to adjust sleep schedules accordingly so as the kids grows, we are capable of making modifications to best accommodate his sleep needs without a hitch. As my husband say every once in a while, hiring Paulina was probably one of the best decision we have made, ever!

Jiawen & Dany.


Ethan, 3.5 years old

Paulina was a lifesaver in our house. My 3.5yo was sleeping in our bedroom every night, waking up for snacks and waking his sister up. Constant power struggles were hard on both of us. We know we had to do something before our third baby was born. Paulina changed my entire perspective on the bedtime routine and drastically improved my relationship with my son. He now sleeps in his own bed and room all night and we have far fewer power struggles at home! 

Becca & Mike.

Luciano .png

Luciano, 4 years old

After 3 years of co-sleeping with mom and dad, it was a huge challenge to get him to sleep in his own room all night and knew we could not do it alone. We asked Paulina for help and with her coaching we were able to teach him to get excited for bedtime in his own room and bed.  We also adjusted bedtime to help him rest better and now everyone is happy and rested!



Ramon, 6 months

Paulina is the best coach! Thanks to her we were literally able to get back to having a life. She helped us step by step with what we had to do and in 3 weeks Ramon was sleeping alone in his room. Every time we had a question she helped us immediately and also encouraged us not to give up. To all those moms & dads who need those hours of sleep and can't get it, I recommend her 1000%. 


Clara & Diego.

Luciana, 5.5 meses.png

Luciana, 5.5 months

Pau! Without a doubt, working with you was the best decision we could have made. It was like magic, you managed to get her to sleep through the night after months of waking up every hour and a half and having to rock her to sleep. We are  infinitely grateful for your patience, advice and constant follow up to ALL our questions, but above all to give us the confidence and calm the fears that day by day were appearing. Thank you a thousand times for returning the rest to our family! 

Lucía & Álvaro.

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