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Frequently Asked Questions

You are probably asking yourself a lot of questions about sleep science, your baby and whether sleep coaching can work for you.
I hope the answers to these questions can help you make the decision that will change your life! 

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How do I know if my baby is ready to sleep through the night? 

Usually a baby who was born full term and has developed normally and healthy is ready for a full night's sleep by 6 months of age. But every baby is different and part of my job is to help you analyze the signs that they are ready to sleep better and find the ideal method to get everyone a better night's rest.


How do we know if sleep coaching is for us? 

Sleep coaching is for you if your current situation with your baby's sleep is not working and you are ready to make changes to improve your baby's sleep and that of the whole family.


Is there a method to stop my baby from crying? 

Not really, all methods, no matter how gentle, will generate some crying.  Any big change in your baby/toddler's life is going to generate some crying. It's their way of communicating, but we will be with baby along the way giving the support and love baby needs during the process.


What is controlled crying?

There is a big difference between crying out of necessity and crying as a means of communication. 
Controlled crying is the crying that happens as a result of a change and nothing else. The crying that happens when all needs are met, including mama’s support, love and company. 


How long will it take for my baby to learn to sleep with your help?

Every baby is different and part of our work together is to identify their needs and go at their own pace. It depends on the age of the baby, the method we use and the dedication and consistency of the parents during the process. The average time is 2 weeks.


How do I know which method is best for my baby and for us?

That decision is part of our work together. Based on your situation, goals and your baby's age, together we decide which method is the best option. 


How soon can I expect to see results? 

It depends on each baby. Each baby has his or her own rhythm but usually we want to work together for a minimum of 2 weeks to make the changes into a sleep habit. It will also depend on the sleep dynamics.


How do I know if I need the plan with follow-up? 

It will depend on your personality and if you are good at following the plan on your own. I will always recommend tracking because it really speeds up the process. It helps you adjust schedules and identify your baby's exact sleep window, which is difficult to do without my help. Also, having my daily support gives you security and confidence especially in the first few days. 

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