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Baby/Toddler Sleep


Let's Meet and talk Sleep! 

If you feel exhausted and want easier and better sleep for your baby, you are in the right place! Let me help you decide which service is best for your sleep goals!

About Me


I'm Paulina, let me tell you a little bit about myself.


I am a wife and a mom of two boys, Matias and Lucca. 


I was born in Mexico City, but grew up on the Tijuana-San Diego border. 


I'm a biologist with a master's degree in nutrition and a pediatric sleep coach.


Just like you, when I became a mom, lack of sleep affected me physically, mentally and emotionally. 

My baby was 6 months old and kept waking up every 2 hours and needed the breast to go back to sleep. 

I would put him in his crib and he would wake up almost immediately. 


Having to go back to work full time with extreme sleep deprivation was physically and mentally impossible for  me. 


It was at that point that I decided to reach out for help from a sleep coach. We worked together for two weeks making big changes to our routine and teaching my baby to self-soothe and independently connect sleep cycles and finally get the rest we all needed 


This experience was a great introduction to the science of sleep and the reason I decided to become a certified sleep coach and hopefully help you and your family get the rest you all need.

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